Dedication of Dog Urns

Anytime we lose a pet, it is a big deal. Sometimes we may think a person is going to be a more painful loss and they may be but pets are people too. Our dogs are such a tremendous part of our lives and they are a part of the entire family. Without them, we feel like we lost our best friend and love at the same time. However, we can honor them with dog urns and keep the spirit alive, much like you find at KBMDC. Your faithful friend spent such a long time in your life and now, he or she has gone on to another time and place and the best thing you can do with cremation is provide a great urn as dedication.

Though we cannot keep anything forever and friends come and go, we can at least pay homage to loved ones after they pass. Animals and people both deserve respect. When a family member dies, there are major arrangements for funerals and dedication to that person. Honestly, it is much the same for animals. You know the story of the roles they play in your life and family. So, how is a dog not a family member? We all know they are and when they pass, it is a very good honor to provide a fine urn for all the love and memories.

Take the time to grieve but also take some time and resources to honor your beloved pet. Think about all the walks you and your dog went on and consider the happy times. It has been proven that a positive attitude supports better health. Would you dog want you to be sad in this time? It is good to remember all of the times this fantastic dog actually made you happy and the best way to do this is with a beautiful urn.

Engravings are easy to add as you wish. Anything you want done in terms of design or dedication can be achieved with little effort. In a short period of time, you have the urn you need for the ashes of your very best friend. Losing a dog is not at all easy. This is the time to pay tribute to this dog and think about everything you are grateful for. Tears may fall and laughs may arise, but this is also a time of tribute and celebration. For some, the urn may be a symbol of sadness. One thing you can do is have an inspiring quote engraved in order to push off any negative thinking.


An urn is both an act of honor and an act of remembering. This is a way we honor our fellow human beings too. We do this out of respect and as a custom. Your dog deserves a great deal of respect for all it did in its life. After the passing of this dog, you will know you did a good job as an owner in the end. You paid tribute to your best friend who will be remembered forever.